Monroe Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Interspares is very proud to announce that we include Monroe Shock Absorbers in our extensive range. We have done so in order to service our customers with the best shock absorbers available in the Market. Monroe’s incredible brand is well known amongst the industry as an extremely reliable and quality part. Since Interspares always strives to bring uncompromised quality and range to the market, we saw it fitting to offer our customers a comprehensive range of quality suspension parts.

About Monroe

Monroe has been at the very forefront of the shock eliminator industry since 1916. They were the first to bring a double action shock to the market in 1929. Since its inception Monroe has continued to bring many incredible innovations to the industry for example in 2007 Monroe introduced their Continuously controlled electric suspension (CES) that was fitted on the Mercedes C class in its time and in 2008 Monroe received the prestigious technician’s choice award for best aftermarket shocks and struts in the United States of America. Monroe is known to manufacture many shock absorbers for the OEM’s around the world. This stands as unshakable proof to their commitment to manufacturing parts of the highest quality level and to servicing the industry with the very best.



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